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In a nutshell…

Why choose Carefully?

  • Properly insured. $10 million liability cover. All staff have Work Cover.
  • Affordable. Our rates are competitive. Find out now.
  • Thoroughly clean. Because a clean and fresh workplace will keep your team productive. Your healthy staff will call in with fewer sickies.
  • Chemical-free. It’s optional. But it’s especially popular with schools and childcares, and also a great option that may reduce allergies in any workplace. Just sayin’
  • Trained staff. Our staff are trained and closely supervised to keep the high quality we are renowned for.

Our clients say it is epic. We just think it’s because we do things Carefully.

Genius is in the details

Key points for a clean office



We are very upfront. We will tell you if and when you need a carpet deep clean. We will also tell you if a regular clean is enough, so you can keep your costs down.



We clean windows inside and out.


Low Tox

Ask about our low-tox / chemical-free option. It is a fantastic alternative if you want to spare the environment from strong chemicals. It may also help reduce allergies in your workplace. Which of course means less sickies!


Office Cleaning.
The way it should be.

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not entirely satisfied with the service, just let us know. We’ll work with you until you are!

Winning Formula

Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your staff screened?

Yes. Every single staff member has a police check.

Every single cleaner in our team also goes through a very thorough training process to ensure quality, consistency and procedures to deal with unexpected events.

Are you insured for Public Liability?

Yes. We are insured for $10 million.

Do you bring the cleaning supplies & equipment?

Yes we do.

Will your service interrupt my operations?

Never! We work at night so you find your workplace clean each morning as if by magic.

What is your quality control?

  1. An area manager constantly monitors every site.
  2. We conduct periodic feedback surveys and have very strict procedures to respond to complaints and quality issues.
  3. We have leading IT systems to keep each of our staff members and our managers in close communication, for every single job.
  4. We constantly check and maintain our equipment.

Do you clean windows?

Yes. We clean windows from the inside and outside.

* Excluding windows that are behind fixed screens or higher than 2 meters


Our Story

Our co-founder started the cleaning business in Adelaide 2009 and in Sydney since 2013.

The vision has always been to provide the same quality that we expect at our own homes. Nothing less.

Every single decision we make. Every new technology. Each new staff hire. Are always screened through our core principle:

“Will this make our service better, more efficient and more consistent?”

This approach has helped us grow our client base enormously in the last 15 years.

We’ll be happy to provide references when you get in touch!

Service Area

All Sydney Metro